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Soch Foods was launched on 2nd May 2016 by partners Rohit Pugalia & Purvi Pugalia. The company was created from a thought that arose after the team's observation of Rohit Pugalia's healthy eating pattern.

therootedcompany, a subsidiary of Soch Foods LLP. is a granola-based brand that promotes healthy breakfast & snacking and currently has 5 delicious variants. Our munchies come power-packed with nutrition and “just-fall-in love-taste” that even your palate welcomes it with a warm heart!


The user hereby using the website or mobile application or disclosing the information provides consent to the collection or use of personal data on the website or mobile application as per the pre-defined privacy policies. Additionally, if the user is disclosing personal information on behalf of another entity or individual, the user is representing the ownership or the authority to share the details to the Soch Foods LLP.


User Information regarding the privacy policy includes the user’s personal information that is collected to identify and contact the specified user. therootedcompanycious e-commerce website or mobile application an extension of Soch Foods LLP. obtains or collects, scrutinizes and stores User Information be it IP address, contact information including but not limited to Name, address, Email-Id, password, devise information and transaction history that involves date, time and duration of the session on the Website or Mobile application. Financial information such as bank accounts, credit and debit card details or other payment instrument details is collected for the smooth processing of the transaction.

Soch Foods LLP. obtains the information from the user while creating the account or when the user is accessing the website or mobile application for any online purchase of products through the website or mobile app. Also, if the user is posting comments, reviews, uploading content or participating in any offers, contests or availing any gifts or communicating with customer support via email or over the phone.

Use of Information & Disclosure

As per the policy, the user information is primarily used by Soch Foods LLP. to enable and expedite a better, convenient use of the Website or mobile application's Services. The user information is used by Soch Foods LLP. to

  1. Respond to the user's queries, requests and inquiries to facilitate a better user experience 2. Improvise, manage and offer products to initiate a smooth experience to meet the user's requirements 3. Examine the identity and authenticity of the user while providing offers, delivery or transfer of offers etc. 4. Resolve or troubleshoot problems to elevate better user experience 
  2. To enhance the user experience on the website or mobile application by customizing offers, products and  other tailored services as per the user interests. 
  3. Addressing the user's problem if any or other technical problems that might interrupt the smooth website or  mobile application experience. 
  4. Facilitating the completion of the user's purchase, process payments, communicate in regards to recent  purchases and other customer services. 
  5. To protect the ethics or integrity of the Website or Mobile application 
  6. To abide by the Terms of Use, and 
  7. Other specified reasons that might be put into effect that shall be notified to the user through messagesor  email.

Soch Foods LLP. highlights that user information is used or disclosed if required to do so in good faith that such disclosure is reasonable and within the lawful boundaries. Soch Foods LLP. might disclose information that is essential to third parties, law enforcement officers or others for essential or pre-eminent reasons.


Soch Foods LLP. brings to highlight that the website or mobile application might be linked to other or third party websites. Soch Foods LLP. mentions that it is not responsible or takes ownership in regard to privacy practices or content of such websites. In such a scenario, Soch Foods LLP. is not liable as the linked websites or advertisers are not in any way under the control of ‘therootedcompany’ or Soch Retail Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, any advertisements displayed by the third-party advertisers on ‘therootedcompany’ website or mobile application shall not be interpreted as an endorsement or promotion of any products or service under Soch Foods LLP. The user must ensure to read the privacy policy of the third party that is linked to the website and any access to the third-party website is entirely at the user's risk. Soch Foods LLP. doesn't take any responsibility or ownership of the same.


  1. This policy needs to be read along with the Website and mobile application's Terms of Use and Terms  and Conditions of Sale. 
  2. Soch Foods LLP. brings to notice that the personal information of the user resides in the databaseof  the website or mobile application even after the user discontinues using or accessing the website or  mobile application. In such cases, Soch Foods LLP. is not liable for any usage of data by the third party linked websites or others, despite the user ceases to use or access the website or mobile application. 
  3. The user is acknowledged with the fact that User Information collated from the website or mobile application could be processed to any other countries following the defined laws of India. 4. The user should be aware that the User Information or other data, the user provides to the Website or  mobile application for availing the services or transacting through the Website or mobile application could  be read, collected, or used by other users or third parties.


therootedcompany extends a helping hand and steps up to solve any grievances or discrepancies regarding the collection, storage, use and transfer of Your personal data under this privacy policy or any terms mentioned by the Soch Foods LLP. about Terms of Use, Terms of Sale and other conditions or policies. If any query, please feel free to contact:

Soch Foods LLP
GB7 Virwani Industrial Estate,
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Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400063