Dates & Chia Granola

Our Dates & Chia Granola contains dried dates rich in antioxidants, freshly rolled oats with soluble fibre, chia seeds that have essential minerals & fatty acids, creamy date syrup that's a good source of iron, thick honey that possesses minerals like calcium & potassium, and protein-packed pumpkin seeds.

Gluten Free
No Added Preservatives
Source of Protein
Rich in Fibre
No Added Oil
  • High in Manganese, Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acids
  • Source of Iron & Potassium, Very Low Sodium
  • Cholesterol Free, Trans Fat Free
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Best Before: March 2024
Vegan 100% Veg

Key Ingredients


Rolled Oats




Date Syrup


Pumpkin Seeds


Chia Seeds


Dried Dates

Nutritional Facts

Per 100 g (Approximate Values)

4.8 g


4.9 g

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

2.7 g

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

35 mg


"Benefits of Dates & Chia Granola

86 mg


3.3 mg


565 mg


2.3 mg


*For exact nutritional values and ingredients please refer to the pack.

About Dates & Chia Granola

Energise yourself before that morning workout with the ideal pre-workout breakfast that’s loaded with the goodness of 100% dates, seeds, oats & honey. It’s also high in manganese, Omega-6 & Omega-3 fatty acids, is a source of protein, iron & potassium, is rich in fibre and gluten-free.

The chia seed granola is 100% vegetarian and is an ideal pre-workout meal, especially for people who find it hard to complete their daily protein intake. A cup of coffee may leave you feeling lightheaded & a heavy meal like fast food can make you lose the motivation to workout due to feeling sluggish. The Rooted Co dates granola will fuel you with just the right amount of energy for your high-intensity workout because it is power-packed with 100% dates, seeds, oats & honey and is prepared using only natural ingredients. Dates granola has the perfect balance of health & well-being because it's made with honest & earthy ingredients. For an active lifestyle to thrive, always keep this in mind - Workout Ke Pehle, Ek Bowl Zaruri Hai.


The chia seeds granola is also free from cholesterol, trans fat, oil & preservatives, which makes it an ideal choice for people who carefully watch what they eat. The dates granola will ensure that you always give your best on workout days. It also makes a great key ingredient for some wholesome pre-workout recipes that you can check out on the website. The chia seeds granola is power-packed with protein to help you reach your fitness destination without any setbacks and can be purchased at The Rooted Co free of delivery costs. You can also avail of cash on delivery to get your hands on this delicious & nutritious snack. It's the right place to start your fitness journey or stay committed to your routine irrespective of your busy schedules. For your gains to last, remain Rooted and have a bowl for breakfast to get a healthy start. Stay focussed & equally motivated throughout the session with some Rooted goodness every morning.

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