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Yoga Asanas To Keep You High On Energy

Tue Feb 08 2022
The Rooted Expert

Mornings bring a lot of motivation and energy to a few. But for those who need a kick to jump-start their day, yoga comes in as a holistic retreat. Not only does it refresh your mind and body from the slumber but also works as an energy generator to push you through the day. 

Just as gymnasiums, running, pre workout meals and other activities have been known to spur energy, some basic yoga asanas have also stood the test of time in revitalising the mind and body. 

The Rooted Co has enumerated easy yoga asanas below to keep you up, alive and kicking!

Yoga Asanas That Help You Be High On Energy  

  • Standing Forward Bend


The standing forward bend or Padahastasana is where the toes are grasped while bending down and the knees are kept straight. Start by inhaling deeply and slowly, stretching both your arms straight above your head and bending down slowly. Maintain the same position for up to a minute and release.

Top benefits - Massages the digestive organs and improves metabolism, increases vitality and advances concentration.  

  • Upward Dog


The Rooted Co suggests this pose next as it is an invigorating back-bending asana. It calls for lengthening your body upward through the spine. It is great for a stretch in the chest and shoulders. 

Top benefits - Strengthens back muscle along with stretching wrists and toning the arm muscles. The upward dog pose relaxes the body and infuses freshness.  

  • Chair Pose


The chair pose is a power posture. As the name suggests, it is a low squatting asana where you need to bend your knees, curve your back like as if you are sitting on a chair and raise your arms victoriously. All the power is generated in the calves and it strengthens the core. 

Top benefits - Helps build stability and protects the knee joint, builds heat in the body and re-energises the muscles, improves breathing.  

  • Triangle Pose