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Roasted Muesli - An Ideal Meal For Weight Loss

Thu Oct 28 2021
The Rooted Expert

Roasted muesli is one of the healthy breakfast options in many households today. But did you know that it was invented over 100 years ago? A Swiss doc, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, had created muesli for his patients as a pre-meal. And over the years this became a popular breakfast meal throughout Europe. But what exactly is in muesli? It is basically a mixture of oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. What differentiates it from granola is that muesli is raw, without any sweetener and is a loose mixture.

 Traditionally, muesli is soaked overnight in milk and consumed in the morning because it may aid faster digestion. However, you can also have it directly by mixing it with hot/cold milk or yogurt. Are you wondering if roasted muesli is a healthy substitute for breakfast? Absolutely. The goodness in a bowl has many benefits. It is high in fibre and whole grain which regulates the digestive system. You need energy throughout the day, and a bowl of roasted muesli for breakfast does exactly that as it is rich in healthy carbohydrates. To increase the energy content, you can always add fresh fruits, nuts and chia seeds in muesli. Muesli is also rich in antioxidants, high in manganese, Omega-6 & 3 fatty acids, and a source of iron & potassium.

 Another benefit of this superfood is that it aids in weight loss. The Omega-3 fatty acids are weight-loss friendly. Also, most of the other breakfast alternatives contain sugar, but roasted muesli doesn’t contain sweetened sugar. Plus, many of the muesli boxes contain cholesterol, but the one we have at The Rooted Co is cholesterol free and has no added oil. You can opt to eat roasted muesli with low-fat milk or yogurt. Though roasted muesli is a low calorie meal, it still has all the nutrition that your body requires. The best time to have The Rooted Co’s Roasted Muesli is prior to your workout - Workout Ke Pehle, Ek Bowl Zaruri Hai. People opt to have this for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or even dinner.

 If you are looking to buy healthy roasted muesli online, we have three suggestions for you. The Rooted Co’s Roasted Muesli is available in three flavours.

 Super Seeds Roasted Muesli

 The powerful Super Seeds Roasted Muesli is the protein-packed breakfast your high-intensity workouts deserve. It is loaded with 100% seeds, oats & honey and is also gluten, cholesterol & trans-fat-free The key ingredients are crunchy flax seeds & chia seeds in muesli, vitamin-enriched watermelon seeds, protein-rich pumpkin & sunflower seeds, and rolled oats packed with soluble fibre. This is an ideal choice for your weight loss journey. Buy Seeds Roasted Muesli today.

 Strawberry & Blackcurrant Roasted Muesli

 If you like flavour in your meal, then Strawberry & Blackcurrant Roasted Muesli is perfect for you. It is packed with fibre-rich premium rolled oats, viscous honey loaded with minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium & zinc, and dried blackcurrants, strawberries & cherries that are rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants. If you workout and live an active lifestyle, then this is a perfect choice as a pre-workout meal.

  Multi Millet Roasted Muesli

 Looking for a  bowl with the grains your body deserves? Our Multi Millet Roasted Muesli is the one! It contains freshly rolled oats, protein-rich wheat flakes, high-grade jowar flakes loaded with essential minerals, dried blackcurrants enriched with Vitamin C, and crunchy bajra & ragi flakes that are packed with micronutrients.

 Though Muesli aids in weight loss, for best results, an active lifestyle is also essential as weight loss is a combination of both.


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