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Making Granola And Roasted Muesli At Home Can Be A Daunting Task

Mon Apr 18 2022
The Rooted Expert

Find the recipe and follow the recipe. Is making granola and muesli at home really that simple?

Kitchen mishaps are common and are bound to happen once in a while. But is it worth going through that kind of a cooking calamity when you are trying to bake granola and muesli at home? Let us take a collective call on that after comprehending what are the challenges we face when we make granola and roasted muesli at home.

Why Is Making Granola And Muesli At Home A Daunting Task? 

1. Lack of Proper Clusters And Crunch

Sometimes, steps or ingredients get left out which causes the granola and muesli to be soggy. Moreover, if there is no control over temperature, you may end up burning the mix completely.

2. Granola and Muesli Price