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How to Stay Committed to Your Workout

Tue May 24 2022
The Rooted Expert

Making fitness goals is of utmost importance because you can't get fit if you don't have a destination in mind. Also, it's very important to quantify your fitness goals. Instead of having a goal that merely says, "I want to get fit as soon as possible," set a goal like "I will lose 10kgs within the next 4 months." Enough about identifying your goal. Let's talk about how we, at The Rooted Co, stay focused & consistent with them.

Most people who make fitness goals end up slacking at some point, and there are numerous reasons for it. Once you have a clear target in mind and have started your fitness journey, the most vital part is staying true to your goal. Here is how you can stay on track and keep slaying new fitness goals:

1) Workout Schedule: 

It's important to know how many times a week and at what time of the day you're going to make the magic happen. If you keep varying your time, there will be days when your procrastination will get the best of you. Consistency and creating a habit are key for any fitness goal so that you can turn it into a habit. You may be consuming the best pre-workout meal like The Rooted Co, but consumption time is also part of the schedule.

2) Get a Workout Buddy:

 Many people believe that an encouraging trainer will always be accountable for your growth & results. But, it's not economically feasible in the long run. Hence, a workout buddy is what we are suggesting because you'll be accountable for each other to show up. Also, the fact that competing for a common goal can act as a motivator sometimes.

3) No Excuses: