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How Eating Before Workout Affects Your Performance

Mon Oct 25 2021
The Rooted Expert

Are you someone who is always on the run? Someone who wants a healthy lifestyle and tends to hit the gym or any other form of exercise whenever there is a window available during the day? But do you end up feeling tired or lethargic or lightheaded? This is because you either skipped your pre-workout meal or consciously avoided it to meet your calorie target for the day. 

Though empty stomach workouts are recommended by many and are known as fasted cardio, the downside of not eating before a workout is you will feel lethargic, dizzy, lightheaded & nauseous. It also lowers your performance. The risk of injury is comparatively higher as there is a risk of low blood sugar which might lead to passing out. And sometimes in the long run you might see low or no results at all which makes you demotivated. This happens because you deprive your body of the much-needed fuel it needs and lowers your metabolism. 

Why You Should Fuel-up

Exercise and nutrition are crucial factors for a healthy lifestyle. But is one linked to the other? Absolutely! Fuel is important, but fuelling right is crucial. When you don’t fuel your body before a workout, your body tends to use the stored protein as fuel which is needed to repair your muscles after exercise. Since your body will start using the fat reserves, it will also start storing more fat than usual. With the right amount of food, you will have the energy to get through a workout session effortlessly. It is also said that a pre-workout meal helps the body to burn carbs at a faster rate. Not just that, it also enhances metabolism. 

Significance of a Well-timed Meal

A pre-workout meal not just maximises your performance but also minimises the risk of muscle damage and helps aid in faster recovery. It is advisable to eat a healthy snack or a meal before the workout. But the timing for this is crucial. One cannot eat right before an intense workout session. If it is a proper meal, eat at least 1-2 hours before the workout and if it is a quick healthy snack like muesli or roasted granola, 30-60 minutes before the workout works well. But what exactly is a pre-workout meal and why is it crucial to have one? Read here. Also, keep yourself hydrated before, during and after a workout. Sometimes all you need to do is listen to your body and give it what it needs and we assure you that you will meet your targets. 

Wholesome Nutrition for a Holistic Lifestyle 

We understand that most people do not have the time to prepare a healthy snack and so they tend to skip their meal altogether. But we, The Rooted Co, have got you covered. Granola and roasted muesli make a perfect pre-workout meal due to the wholesome ingredients present in granola & roasted muesli that provides your body with just the right amount of nutrition for those intense workout sessions. Check out granola and roasted muesli by The Rooted Co because “Workout Ke Pehle, Ek Bowl Zaruri Hai”. 

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