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Healthy Seeds: Different Types of Seeds with Health Benefits

Mon Apr 18 2022
The Rooted Expert

Healthy Seeds: Different Types of Seeds with Health Benefits

Planting seeds is good for the environment and consuming them is even better for your health. They are the real powerhouse of nutrients and when consumed daily, you get to enjoy a myriad list of health benefits. You can chew on them directly or make them a part of exciting recipes.

What are these seeds and what do they do? Let The Rooted Co tell you!

Different Types of Seeds with Health Benefit

1. Flaxseeds

Also known as linseeds, flaxseeds are a great source of fibre and omega-3 fats. They help reduce blood pressure and help with weight management.

How to consume: These seeds can be included in oatmeal, sprinkled whole on salads or used while baking granola.

2. Chia Seeds

As tiny as they may be, the list of health benefits of Chia seeds is equally huge.  These seeds contain antioxidants that reduces your risk of developing several heart conditions. It can be part of a balanced diet as they are high in fibre and PUFAs.

How to consume: It could be a salad dressing ingredient or sprinkled in juices, or it could be baked in bread or eaten in a pudding even

3. Sunflower Seeds

Eating sunflower seeds regularly helps to reduce inflammatory markers. They are an instant immunity booster due to the presence of vitamin E and the oleic and linoleic acid bring down the cholesterol levels.

How to consume: You could whip up sunflower seed butter, mix it with basil to make pesto sauce or bake some cookies with sunflower seeds and olive oil.

Do you know a fun fact? The Rooted Co’s Super Seeds Roasted Muesli is made by amalgamating all these seeds. The fibre and whole grains keep you energised and full for longer and seeds supply your body with essential nutrients.

The most convenient option is to opt for seeds muesli online shopping and get it delivered to your doorstep. You can order it here now to enjoy a balanced diet and a fit life. Because being healthy is actually pretty easy, isn’t it? 

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