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Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Fri Sep 30 2022
The Rooted Expert

 We're often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there is a fair reason for this. It's the main meal that literally "breaks" the overnight "fast". A healthy alternative to dieting and meal skipping is "breaking the fast."

Eating breakfast helps with brain function, attention span, concentration and memory and enhances your body's ability to intake nutrients such as Vitamin D, potassium, calcium and fibre. 

 Riddled in a breakfast rut? Breakfast usually falls prey to the rush of waking up and starting the day. For those hectic days when you don't necessarily have time to whip something delicious every morning, say hello to these quick, easy breakfast ideas that'll put a pep in your step on even your busiest mornings. A little preparation can go a long way in prioritising breakfast. Whether you crave something savoury or sweet, here are some easy & make-ahead breakfast ideas for you!


Oats Breakfast

 Often loaded with fibre, they're a healthy and nutritious breakfast option if you're not scared of getting stuck in an oat rut. To avoid oat burnout, prepare it differently with various seasonings and flavours. Prepare overnight soaked oats with fruits and chia seeds for a quick breakfast, or go for a savoury porridge with veggies and herbs. 


Smoothies For Breakfast

No matter what time of year, we adore blending up an array of delicious ingredients into one creamy, colourful and nutritious smoothie. They are an excellent pick to break the fast as they pack a hefty serving of fruits and veggies into your first meal of the day. A handful of spinach is practically undetectable; chuck some in to boost the nutrients in any smoothie of your choice!