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Frequently Asked Questions About Roasted Muesli & Granola

Mon Oct 25 2021
The Rooted Expert

“Eat breakfast like a king,” haven’t we all heard that? It goes without saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you are technically breaking a fast and your body needs fuel to kickstart. But with busy lives, we all tend to find easy breakfast options or skip breakfast occasionally. But what if we tell you that you never have to do that again? We all have heard about muesli and granola, haven’t we? But there are a lot of questions people have about it. We, The Rooted Co, are here to answer some of those questions. 

What Is The Difference Between Muesli And Granola? 

The first question that pops into anyone’s mind is “How are muesli and granola different?” Let’s dive into it. 

Muesli was invented over a century ago by Dr Maximilian Bircher-Benner based out of Switzerland. He created this for his patients. And over the years this became a popular breakfast meal throughout Europe. Muesli is basically a mixture of oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It is a raw, loose mixture usually without added sweeteners. 

Granola on the other hand was invented by an American physician James Caleb Jackson. Even today, granola can be found in most American homes as a breakfast option. Granola is basically a mixture of oats, nuts, grains and dried fruits and is baked with oil and sweeteners. This makes granola sticky and they form into clusters. 

How Is Muesli Eaten? 

Traditionally, muesli is soaked overnight in milk and consumed in the morning because it may aid faster digestion. However, you can also have it directly by mixing it with hot/cold milk. You can garnish it with fresh fruits as well. If you are in the mood to have something more delicious, you could also whip up a Roasted Muesli Smoothie

How Is Granola Eaten?

Granola can be eaten straight out of the bag as a snack. You can also eat it with cold milk or yogurt. It tastes best cold. If you are in the mood of taking it up a level, you could also make Granola Rolls, Granola Cookies and Orange Granola Muffins

What Are The Benefits Of Roasted Muesli And Granola?