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Exercise and Eating: 5 Tips to Maximize the Effect of Pre-Workout Meal

Wed May 25 2022
The Rooted Expert

Even though we live a busy life these days, most of us follow a strict workout schedule. But working out has certain rules and one of which is to eat before you exercise. 

We bother about our post-workout meal but never stress about a pre-workout meal. Most individuals believe in the myth that one shouldn’t eat before a workout. And some don’t know what to consume before a workout. This does not mean you enter your workout session with a full stomach. Take the midway and eat right and light.  

Exercising on a heavy tummy is not recommended and hence eating at an ideal time can do wonders for your workout. In fact, an empty stomach can distract your mind and eventually your exercise regime. 

Having carbs before your workout can help pump your body while working out. But make sure you have digestive carbs that beat hunger while you workout and provide you with the immunity you need. 

Below are 5 tips to help you improve your pre-workout meals and eventually your workout routine as well. 

1. 30-90 Minutes Gap 

A pre-workout meal is necessary. But not right before you enter your gym or workout session. Try to eat 90 minutes before your workout and if that is not possible, make sure you eat at least 30 minutes before your session. This pre-workout meal will work like how petrol works for a car. It will add the much-needed boost to your body and support you right throughout your session. But as mentioned earlier, do not overeat and choose the mid-way. Try to eat something healthy, maybe a bowl of flavoursome granola or muesli. Are you wondering what is granola? And what is muesli? These are the healthiest and flavoursome cereal options for the best pre work out meal. To find the best quality of granola and muesli log on to The Rooted Co website for a variety of flavours and options. 

2. Low Fat Intake