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Energy Packed Snacks For The Workplace

Thu Feb 24 2022
The Rooted Expert

Imagine yourself being seated on the breakroom table and being surrounded by sugary, carbs-heavy and trans-fat loaded snacks? Do you have the willpower to avoid all of that?

The workplace requires you to snack on energising and satiating food that will help you power through the office grind. You need to have your desk stocked with easy to prepare, portable and healthy snacks. It helps to keep your motivation bubbling and leaves you with an empowered state of mind.

The Rooted Co thus brings to you yummy snacking options that get you drooling and energised at the same time.

Granola by The Rooted Co

Rolled oats granola acts as an instant energiser in the body. It is packed with vitamin B, minerals and essential proteins and comes in a variety of flavours. From peanut butter granola to dates and chia and apricot orange granola, this healthy snack will keep your mood and energy levels lifted. For those who live a gluten-free or vegan lifestyle, The Rooted Co has options for them too. Granola is likely to be consumed by everyone, so learn to share!

The Rooted Co Granola

Muesli by The Rooted Co

A storehouse of antioxidants, muesli is one of the healthiest foods to consume. It is for those times when your stomach is not ready for a full meal but the eyelids are creeping shut. Seeds roasted muesli is tasty, light and will have you up and accomplishing work in no time. It makes for a yummy office snack and curbs your cravings for unhealthy meals.

Why carry The Rooted Co’s granola and roasted muesli to work?

  • It is a carefully curated snack option made with exotic ingredients

  • Keeps you full for longer

  • It is hygienically packed and easy to munch on

  • It is light and portable and can be carried with you at all times

  • It is filled with the goodness of essential vitamins, protein, minerals and dietary fibre

The Rooted Co’s granola and muesli is a filling yet light snack whose flavours will have you wanting more. Munching on this will have you stick to a heart-healthy diet as well by delivering impressive numbers in iron and fibre.

You can never get tired of it as there are various recipes and a variety of compliments to enjoy them with. And what’s more? You do not have to go out of your way to get them.

It can be ordered from your work desk and delivered there at the click of a button. All that is left is for you to visit our website and place your order now!

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