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5 Ways to Eat Granola for Breakfast

Wed May 25 2022
The Rooted Expert

Granola is an ideal escape to whole grain food. Its inviting savours and munchable crunchy texture make it a favourite amongst many. Plus, granola in India is now easily available in a swift internet search of ‘granola online’, so you won’t have to look out for specialty stores to find this breakfast favourite.

This snack is enjoyed by both - foodies and wellness-conscious individuals because of its delightful combination of yummy dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and oats. These make it a healthy, crunchy, and filling snack, especially for breakfast. However, there are various ways to dress up this yummy mix to make a flavoursome and healthy breakfast. The recipe totally depends on your taste and mood. Might we suggest, you can try various recipes or dedicate one granola for breakfast recipe to each day of the week for a quick, filling, and health-conscious breakfast regime. 

We are here to guide you if you’re looking for some mouth-watering and quick-to-make granola for breakfast recipes. 

5 Granola for Breakfast Recipes 

Granola comes in various varieties including gluten-free granola, vegan granola and nuts and seeds granola, among others. Granola is commonly associated with breakfast, and it’s a delicious and healthy way to start your day.

Discover some of our favourite granola for breakfast recipes below. 

1. Yogurt Parfait

The yogurt parfait is easy to make breakfast dish. Especially for the ones who are always in a hurry but need something filling to snack on. Just take one-fourth cup of granola, half cup of plain Greek yogurt, and one cup of fresh fruit to layer on the top of the dish. You can use the fruit you desire, but mainly strawberry and banana go well with the mix. 

2. Crunchy Topping on Muffins

If muffins are your thing then a crunchy topping will turn a yummy muffin into a yummy and healthy muffin. Some people use crumbled biscuits or sugar to achieve a crunchy texture and flavour. But a healthier and crunchier way to tweak this is to top it up with a tablespoon of granola. Follow this process before baking so that the granola blends inside the muffin to offer a delicious taste. Yes, you can thank us later, we won’t mind. But for now, enjoy a yummy breakfast and savour the granola

3. Smoothie Bowl

Who doesn’t love smoothies? If you don’t then this granola smoothies bowl is something you will relish. If you already love smoothies, then here is a new recipe notification for you. To prepare a smoothie bowl – add your favourite smoothie ingredients in a bowl and top it with healthy granola, likable fruit and nuts. You will be good to go and your tummy will be filled up till lunch, we could surely take a bet on that. 

4. Generational Favourite Breakfast Cereal

It’s time to bid goodbye to artificially sugared breakfast cereals and switch to healthy granola. This recipe is as easy as it can get; add to your bowl delicious and healthy granola and serve with milk. If you want to add some toppings, go for fresh fruits, nuts or seeds. 

5. Acai Bowls

Another delicious granola breakfast recipe is Acai bowls. They are fresh and have a fruit-like delicious flavour to them. Plus, this recipe has a powerful combination of two superfoods – Granola and Acai. Acai provides a boost of nutrients and antioxidants. After you have made your Acai bowl, top it up with granola, some fresh fruits if you need and eat on. 

Why Choose The Rooted Co’s Granola?

Now that you know granola is an ideal breakfast cereal, also easy to prepare, but mainly popular because of its benefits of granola. So, if you want to achieve healthy well-being, make sure that you select a preservative-free option.

Why The Rooted Co? We offer several granola flavours, ideal for providing you with multiple breakfast options according to your taste, which also have the required amount of crunch. Plus, we understand that health is a priority and we take utmost care of that by keeping our granola preservative-free, gluten-free and a high source of fibre. 

You can munch on our granola whenever you feel like because it is healthy and will never disappoint you regarding taste. Begin today with The Rooted Co Granola and be on your road to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Wrapping Up!

With granola, you can never be mistaken, no matter how, when, or where you eat it. The idea is to eat it, nobody said how or when. Granola is a food that always tastes delicious, it's crunchy, sweet, and slightly salty. It’s good on its own and can be the perfect blend when mixed with milk, fruits, nuts, or anything edible. 

So, make sure you don’t miss out on the granola for a breakfast party and if you are still wondering where can I get healthy granola from, then just log onto our website and order your favourite flavour of granola today. Happy Snacking!

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