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5 Effective Ways For Gym Enthusiasts To Boost Gains

Thu Feb 24 2022
The Rooted Expert

Boosting gains is the beacon of light that drives every gym enthusiast to workout more and more. But how do we build muscle effectively? We need to have multiple variables aligned such as tough training and sufficient nutrition to achieve the goal. A tweak in your workout schedule and diet might help you build more muscle easily and sustainably. 

If you are on a mission to build muscle mass, The Rooted Co helps you do so. Here are the 5 effective ways to boost gains. From the right exercises to where you can buy apricot granola online, here is all you need to know. 

5 Ways To Help You Gain Muscle  

  • Hydrate

 Lower hydration levels in your body leads to protein breakdown to shrinkage of cells. Furthermore, water helps transport nutrients to the entire body keeping you energised and healthy. It maintains blood pressure and preserves circulation that is necessary for maintaining the muscle pump. It also helps deal with muscle cramps, dizziness and other serious symptoms. The solution to a healthy body is just a sip away!  

  • Choose your exercises

Muscle building is a form of fitness that is specific to the muscle being worked upon. Identify the target areas and include both isolation and compound movements in your training. Doing so will help effectual workouts and a more practical muscle approach will amplify gains. Moreover, focus on recovery days - every day cannot be a hard training day and recovery days will help you cope and come back stronger for more lifts.  

  • Diet, Diet and Diet

 For building muscles, it is essential that you take in the right calories. You can check out our recipe section for wholesome pre-workout meals that involve granola with apricot. It gives you an immediate burst of energy and ensures you give your best throughout the day.  

  • Strategise

 Your muscle-building strategy has to be rigid. But that does not state that there is no room for enjoyment. Create a muscle-building plan that is practical and realistic for your goals and needs. Alternate hard training days and include fun workout sessions in between. Treat yourself to a cheat meal every few days as a reward. It triggers a better surge of insulin as compared to other foods. Fitness should take you closer to your goal and not fatigue and exhaustion.  

  • Renal Health

 Kidneys are responsible for processing waste from your system. Your renal function will immediately suffer if your intake is insufficient for the body. Time your restroom breaks through the day, drink water and eat fibrous foods that will eliminate waste from the body and also reduce the toxins. 

Gaining muscle requires both- commitment to endurance training and also following an appropriate diet. And what is the best part? The Rooted Co has you covered for the latter. You can buy granola orange online from our website here with a single click and kickstart your journey to a fitter, and more muscular life. With our range of delicious and healthy granolas, there will be gain without pain!

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